About NIE


What is NIE? 

Newspapers in Education (NIE) is a nation-wide program to promote and increase our children’s literacy by using the newspaper as a teaching tool. Championed by “The Sun”, NIE is a unique way for schools, businesses, families, and the local newspaper to work together in a partnership that benefits all of us… now and in the future.

NIE Provides Results – The results are in using Newspaper in The Classroom increases test scores.   Low income, minority and non-native English speaking students benefit significantly from NIE Programs.

What are teachers saying

“My students look forward to reading The Sun.  Their interests range from completing “7 little words” and sudoku puzzles. To reading current events.  I feel this opportunity helped to develop an awareness of current events; to increase their vocabulary and literacy skills.  Thanks

Kathleen Watson
Greater Lowell Tech

“My thanks to the “Sun” NIE Department for organizing such a valuable learning experience for the students. We use the newspaper for so many things – scavenger hunt for parts of speech, movie reviews and how to write one, spelling lessons, photo tours etc. Many of my students do not receive a newspaper in their homes, so the opportunity to be exposed to another type of reading (books, texts etc.) is very valuable.”
I also enjoy the teacher curriculums “The Sun” has provided. I still use the “Random Acts of Kindness” curriculum guide with my afterschool A.O.K (Acts of Kindness) Club. We use the newspaper to create posters of people doing kind acts in our community.
In summary, “The Sun” provides a venue of learning that is unique. It is an avenue to a new and different teaching approach that is exciting for the students. The number of creative ways a teacher can incorporate “The Sun” into her lessons is endless.
I thank you for this experience”

Donna Bejaniance
Robinson Middle Schoo

Thank you, we have students asking for The Sun everyday.  They were also valuable resources for our curriculum and knowledge bowlteam.

Jolane Roy
Dr. An Wang School 

“Our students really appreciate the Lowell Sun.  Very helpful in studying current events. Thank you to the Sponsors.

Robert Campbell
Shriver Job Corps

“We utilized the paper in many ways. Thank you for making this program available to us!”

Michelle Schecter
Children’s Corner

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