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Send completed order form to The Lowell Sun Or Fax to 978-970-4844
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Attn: Melinda Halligan


Lowell Sun 2014-2015 NIE Order Form

Name: ___________________________________________________________

E-mail (Required) __________________________________________________

*User name will be e-mailed back upon receiving & processing order)

School: __________________________________________________________

School Address: ___________________________________________________

Town: ___________________________________________________________

State: __________________ Zip: ____________________________________

School Phone ( ) _______________________________________________

Order number of licenses based on how many students will be using eEdition in your

class(es) i.e. 50 students = 50 licenses.

Total number of your students using eEdition including you ________________

# of Students ________________ # of classrooms _______________

Check the days you would like eEditions

__ Monday ___ Tuesday ___ Wednesday ___ Thursday ___ Friday ___ Sat ___ Sun

Check the Days You Would like hard copies

# of Students _____________________ # of Classrooms ________________

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I will need ______ free copiers per delivery (A minimum of 5 papers must be ordered)

Teachers Signature _________________________________________________

At the end of my order, I agree to sign and return a verification form confirming that

I ordered, received and used the eEdition copies (licenses) and.or hard copies in an

educational setting with my students and the cost was fully sponsored.

Send completed order form to The Lowell Sun Or Fax to 978-970-4891

NIE 491 Dutton St

Lowell, MA 01854 – Attn: Melinda Halligan