Your students live in a digital world.  Connect with them using technology in a relevant way to enhance your existing curriculum.  The eEdition is an exciting teacher resource that’s easy for students and teachers to use!  The eEdition provides FREE daily access to the interactive edition of The Sun – an innovative way to teach using technology as well as a local news and current events.  Using computers from home or at school in classrooms, libraries or labs – students can access not only the daily edition of The Sun, but also a FREE 30-day archive of pas eEditions plus interactive activities, quizzes and videos.  Lessons are updated weekly and focus on what’s covered in the news!


The eEdition is a free, online teaching tool that connects the digital generation to lessons from today’s world.  Use it to help your students become: Up to date on current events – engaged with learning through technology – familiar using online, primary sources resources – adept at identifying credible, trusted sources of information – motivated to learn and improve their literacy skills.